The ‘no plan’ Plan.


As previously divulged I have in fact just entered my thirties. I live in a house with two other girls, one also having  just turned 30 and the other (the baby of the urban family) is 28. I also think it is fair to say that I am finally “Growing up”.  Gone are the days when I can stay out until 6am in the morning, come home and sleep all day. I want more. Much more. So trying to transition from that place to the magical place of harmony and peace is proving to be bloody difficult. I am a self confessed control freak. There I said it. So I am tussling with my transition and the lifestyles of my two dear housemates. They are very much still in the stages of “Lets drink and be merry” which is great except I am craving peace. Stillness. Personal Growth. So how do I co-exist in this household without being the Fun Police?


My control freakiness can breathe if I have a plan. This works in that I make a plan, life doesn’t go according to that plan but I somehow ended up where I wanted to go anyway. So the plan. For the peace.  I’ve got to be honest first and let the girls know what’s going on in my head. It scares me. What if they don’t want to be friends with the new me and I’m left out of the loop because I no longer want to drink and inhale second hand smoke on a Saturday night? Our friendships are based on more than that surely? I would like to think they are based on the ‘I accept you for who you are’ motto. Which leads me to my next thought… Maybe, I need to let it all go. Both of my beautiful housemates are who they are, I can’t ask them to change just because I am. I also can’t be afraid to change because of what it might do to us. So I take these steps, with you, my friend and leave the rest up to The Universe.

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