Cloak me in authenticity and call me human


I want to pull my soul out from the inside and wear it like a cloak. This is me. My authentic self. How I want to live. From this moment on. But I am still struggling to merge my old self with my new self to form the congruent ultimate me. I understand. I am a human. We’re meant to mess up, stumble, be challenged, feel the pain in the moments that matter to appreciate when happiness comes calling your name. I want to accept everything that is happening to me, I trust you Universe I do but I have control issues…..and I am not sure of your time frame… Do you even have a watch?

Maybe I should just stop my whining and appreciate the simple things, like Sundays full of sunshine, brunch with my biddies, the beautiful place I call home…such sacred space. Lamb roast dinners with my housemates. Thank you.

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