human connection


Today I discovered a key. You know that feeling you get when you are chasing an answer to something but haven’t quite worked out the right question to ask?

In the last few years I have wondered what it is that renders us slaves to anxiety, depression, drug dependence. Numbness.

It is so abundant in our generation, how did we arrive here?

What is it about the numbness that is so appealing, beckons you like an old friend who knows you better than you know yourself?

Ironically I found my way to this answer scrolling through my facebook feed. An interesting article about drug addiction radically challenging the school of thought surrounding addiction popped itself on my radar. Sure, I thought, why not… looks interesting.

Read it for yourself, I would love to hear your thoughts…

The answer. Connection. Human connection.


Humans crave personal connection, we want to be wanted. Loved. To bond with others. To share our journey, it is an incessant need, part of our hard wiring. Helping us stretch, grow and heal.

What fascinated me so much about this revelation was that it’s not a new concept to us. But keeping human connection in mind whilst delving into addiction can make all the difference to if we stay an addict or shake it off (props T Swizzle).

So what else can this revelation help with?

‘Oh the places you will go!’ sounds loudly in my head.

I want to use this key to conquer the world with love. To stare my fear in the face and believe I can make a difference in humanity, to step into the unknown. To love where it is easy to be indifferent, to teach where it is easy to dismiss, to guide where it is easy to let it be lost. I just found the next brick in my path. Thank you universe.

Love love xxx


The year of Restoration


I didn’t feel the usual excitement of fresh New Year energy on entering 2015… it has been a hard couple of years and I didn’t want to allow the usual tantalising anticipation of a New Year to lull me into a false sense of confidence. Throw a Mercury Retrograde into this mix and it has been a roller coaster ride of positive and negative mind sets. Some moments overwhelming me with fear and debilitating self doubt, propelling my ‘Queen of Procrastination’ anthem to sing to me whilst hiding in my blanket fort and blocking out the world. Unfortunately, while this seems like a great idea it does not serve my highest purpose. Where to go from now then? Seek help. Yup, although I am a strong, independent, warrior woman, I am in need of some guidance and help.

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Amazingly, as the universe always works, 3 wonderful women stepped forward into my life like beacons of shining light! All 3 of these women resonated with me in different ways with their messages and healing words and I want to share them with you;

Allie Ackland-Prpic  –  Energy Healer, hypnotherapist and psychologist

Tara Bliss – Author, Spiritual Practice Coach & Speaker

Elizabeth Peru – Cosmic Guide & Teacher



Your actions tell me I’m not worth your time which is not ok with me. I deserve better. It rips a little hole in my chest because I’m willing to give you my everything but you’re not willing to share. Time is the most precious gift. Free, but the most valuable thing we have. So. In light of this I am walking away. What you choose to do from here is entirely up to you.

What’s with today…


There’s something about today. Maybe because I woke up before the sun. Maybe because I am meeting a man. Maybe because it has been raining all night or maybe because the Full Moon is two days away. It feels melancholy but loaded with potential. Like if you can just see past the ego and tap into the Universal Energy you will feel the love and all the sorrow will drip away from your soul like wax off a candle. Maybe I am just full of hope and love and positivity because today could be the day I meet the man of my dreams. And he becomes my reality.


Love love xxx

Ain’t no second prize


So many of us constantly feel the urge to escape what it is we are feeling….. we do it with caffeine, sugar, alcohol, drugs….whatever we can get our hands on. I recently went out for coffee (the irony is not lost on me) with a beautiful kind hearted woman I used to work with…. she is struggling with addiction. To alcohol. To weed. She was describing a mutual acquaintance of ours who had been on the clean and sober band wagon for 3 months and then decided to go out and get drunk. So messed up drunk that her pregnant sister had to come and get her…… and I was just sitting there thinking…I know so many of these people. People who have been conditioned into this lifestyle of getting drunk every week its normal. Now I know this isn’t exactly a news flash but why is this happening? What can we do…I do… to help these people? Because I can tell you from the bottom of their soul they don’t want to be like this… a slave to addiction but it is a tale as old of time. How did it get like this? Our society and culture has shaped this behaviour. I know women who go to bed with ‘beer’ or ‘wine’ every night, husbands stinking of their reward for getting through a work day. And I think how sad…. Life wasn’t meant to be numbed but somehow we have fallen for the illusion that it is our prize for living it.


Love love xxx

As humans, why are we governed by fear?


I have a lot of issues. Nobody’s perfect.  One such issue is that I am 31 years old and have not found my person. The person who is my sun and sky, who will grow with me, laugh with me, cry with me and everything in between. My sister who is the tender age of 23 has just gotten engaged. She found him at 21. 21 years of age. Believe me when I say from my whole heart and soul that I am happy for her, they are beautiful together. They balance each other out perfectly. So why did I have a massive melt down when I found out they were getting married? Because of fear. Fear that I will never find the one I love. Will never have the life I dream of every night. Fear I will never become a Mum and start my own beautiful little family. Fear. That huge, ugly, horrible monster that lives in everyone’s closet. I fucking hate that monster. So why do I let him rule my world? I don’t. Fucking. Know.


I have done all sorts of healing work. Working on my soul, my energy, on acceptance…. but the one thing I cannot seem to get past is the unwavering belief that I will meet him. I have just never believed it will happen for me.  I never truly realised this until today. My wonderful Mother (Happy Mothers Day btw – you amazing, giver of life you!) sat me down at the beach and just said….. ‘You don’t honestly believe you will meet him. You need to look yourself in the mirror everyday and say …today could be the day! And be ready, feel beautiful and prepared everyday before you step out of the house,  that is how you can shift it’.

So. I say to you my Dear Friend, we all have something that we let fear get in the way of but maybe, just maybe if we look ourselves in the eye, every morning and tell ourselves otherwise… just might change!

 Love love xxx

Cloak me in authenticity and call me human


I want to pull my soul out from the inside and wear it like a cloak. This is me. My authentic self. How I want to live. From this moment on. But I am still struggling to merge my old self with my new self to form the congruent ultimate me. I understand. I am a human. We’re meant to mess up, stumble, be challenged, feel the pain in the moments that matter to appreciate when happiness comes calling your name. I want to accept everything that is happening to me, I trust you Universe I do but I have control issues…..and I am not sure of your time frame… Do you even have a watch?

Maybe I should just stop my whining and appreciate the simple things, like Sundays full of sunshine, brunch with my biddies, the beautiful place I call home…such sacred space. Lamb roast dinners with my housemates. Thank you.