human connection


Today I discovered a key. You know that feeling you get when you are chasing an answer to something but haven’t quite worked out the right question to ask?

In the last few years I have wondered what it is that renders us slaves to anxiety, depression, drug dependence. Numbness.

It is so abundant in our generation, how did we arrive here?

What is it about the numbness that is so appealing, beckons you like an old friend who knows you better than you know yourself?

Ironically I found my way to this answer scrolling through my facebook feed. An interesting article about drug addiction radically challenging the school of thought surrounding addiction popped itself on my radar. Sure, I thought, why not… looks interesting.

Read it for yourself, I would love to hear your thoughts…

The answer. Connection. Human connection.


Humans crave personal connection, we want to be wanted. Loved. To bond with others. To share our journey, it is an incessant need, part of our hard wiring. Helping us stretch, grow and heal.

What fascinated me so much about this revelation was that it’s not a new concept to us. But keeping human connection in mind whilst delving into addiction can make all the difference to if we stay an addict or shake it off (props T Swizzle).

So what else can this revelation help with?

‘Oh the places you will go!’ sounds loudly in my head.

I want to use this key to conquer the world with love. To stare my fear in the face and believe I can make a difference in humanity, to step into the unknown. To love where it is easy to be indifferent, to teach where it is easy to dismiss, to guide where it is easy to let it be lost. I just found the next brick in my path. Thank you universe.

Love love xxx


Ain’t no second prize


So many of us constantly feel the urge to escape what it is we are feeling….. we do it with caffeine, sugar, alcohol, drugs….whatever we can get our hands on. I recently went out for coffee (the irony is not lost on me) with a beautiful kind hearted woman I used to work with…. she is struggling with addiction. To alcohol. To weed. She was describing a mutual acquaintance of ours who had been on the clean and sober band wagon for 3 months and then decided to go out and get drunk. So messed up drunk that her pregnant sister had to come and get her…… and I was just sitting there thinking…I know so many of these people. People who have been conditioned into this lifestyle of getting drunk every week its normal. Now I know this isn’t exactly a news flash but why is this happening? What can we do…I do… to help these people? Because I can tell you from the bottom of their soul they don’t want to be like this… a slave to addiction but it is a tale as old of time. How did it get like this? Our society and culture has shaped this behaviour. I know women who go to bed with ‘beer’ or ‘wine’ every night, husbands stinking of their reward for getting through a work day. And I think how sad…. Life wasn’t meant to be numbed but somehow we have fallen for the illusion that it is our prize for living it.


Love love xxx